School Events

Living Energy's school division continuously redefines the boundaries of what is possible at school events. We accomplish this by supporting our talented and experienced DJs with tour-grade production. Our staff is well trained in respecting the proper decorum required for school sponsored events and this combination successfully creates a paradigm-shifting experience for students that results in lifelong memories for both the attendees and school staff.


Producing school events keeps us current with music, themes, decor and technology, and it also offer us an opportunity to mentor students through their event planning tasks. With our annual school package program and our in-house talent and production, we can easily help your school stay on budget while providing management support for your multiple annual events.

Experienced in planning and producing:

  • High School Dances and Events
    • Welcome Back Event
    • Pep Rallies
    • Homecoming
    • Winter Formal
    • Sadie Hawkins
    • MORP/Hoopcoming
    • Carnivals
    • Prom
    • Grad Night
    • Commencements
  • Audio Visual Support
    • Pro-Audio System Support
    • Tour Grade Lighting and Special Effects
    • Video projection and mapping
    • LED Wall
  • Event Planning Assistance
    • Venue Selection
    • Budgeting
    • Theme Development and Décor
  • Elementary and Middle School Dances
  • University Functions

2016 AZ Association of Student Councils State Convention Dance

2013 AZ Association of Student Councils State Convention Dance